Happy Valentines: Make Love, Not Babies (unless you want to, then go ahead skip this blog!)

Those posts “everyone is having babies and I’m over here like.. *insert current situation (options include swaddling a bottle of alcohol, taking flights or enjoy sleep)*” used to be me!


Well if you want to keep that freedom, or if you’re loving motherhood but don’t want five under 5’s (exaggeration I know), you’re going to need to make sure your body is on the same page as you. Unfortunately ladies, your body does not do that for you. Whyyy ohh whyy we ovulate all year round from as young as 12 to around 40, like our prime years are solely for baby making, is beyond me! I have no answers on the lovely lady that is Mother Nature. I have however tried almost every form of contraception so I can give you the low down on my experience and knowledge to help you on your path.

What options are there?

The Pill


Over 99% effective. Doesn’t interrupt getting your groove on. Lowers risk of certain cancers such as of the womb, ovaries and colon. Makes periods lighter and less painful.


You can still get pregnant on the pill if you don’t take it at the same time everyday, miss a pill, vomit or have diarrhoea. Other medicines make it ineffective. Higher risk of some serious health issues such as a blood clot and breast cancers.

My experience

This did not suit me at all for one main reason: I have a memory similar to Dory’s from Finding Nemo. I also don’t fancy the risk of blood clots or breast cancer but at that time I didn’t know it reduced the risk of other cancers (is it me or does everything cause cancer these days?! Sidenote: the CEO of Cancer Research UK earns up to £240,000 a year?!)

For more information on the pill including who it is not suitable for and details of the different types of pills, click here.

The Implant


It is one of the most effective forms of contraception, more effective than the pill. Once in it lasts up to 3 years, you need to do nothing! Major pro if it stops your period completely.


Some people find insertion and removal painful. Some medicines can alter its effectiveness. You have no idea how your periods will be, they could be heavier and more painful or they could be non-existent.

My experience

The thing that put me off this for so long was fear of the pain. However, I didn’t find insertion particularly painful (“if you don’t look you won’t feel it” is my method of pain relief for bloods, injections etc) they used a numbing cream and I just had a big fat bruise for a week or so. I would have and could have loved this. No memory required! BUT I was one of the unlucky ones that ended up on my period 247 365, so I had to have it removed (the whole point was to have sex and not get pregnant, not to have a constant period cock-blocking me!). Removal I was really nervous for but again, it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated.

For more information on the implant including how it works and who can use it, click here.

The Patch


Painless. Replace weekly yourself. Easy to use. More than 99% effective. Still effective with sickness and diarrhoea. Can help heavy painful periods. Can protect against womb, ovarian and bowel cancer. 


Can cause skin irritation. Spotting is common for first few cycles. Some medicines can affect effectiveness.

My experience

This could have been the one! But it wasn’t. For me this was ideal for my memory, much easier to remember weekly in comparison to daily with the pill. And much less invasive than the implant or coil making it more appealing. However, you have to find a new place to stick it each week and theres only certain places it will work well. Also after wearing black jeans or leggings it would end up sticking to the edges so when i removed the patch I’d have a square outline of glued fabric which was a bugger to remove without irritating my skin. Then there was going swimming, it was visible in a bikini and you don’t wanna look like you’ve got a Nicorette stuck to your bum. Other than those minor inconveniences it was fab though!

It’s still a great in between so for more information click here.

The Natural Way (hahahahahhahadothisifyouwantababyhahaha)


Up to 99% effective when done correctly. No hormones. No side effects. No interference with your body. Learn to know and understand your body better than ever. You can reverse the aim of this when you want to and use it to plan when you get pregnant.


You have to really know you’re body to get it right. Revolves around having sex only during a window that you aren’t fertile each month which means for it to work theres times you can’t have sex without a condom. You have to learn from a specialist. You have to keep daily records of your temperature and fluid from your cervix which can change with illness. It takes 3-6 cycles to learn the method (so I’m not sure what you do in that time except condoms meaning you’re doing two methods). Not suitable for those with irregular periods.

My experience

JAXON! ha. To be fair, I tried this method as an old friend highly recommended it with great success with both preventing pregnancy and then getting pregnant when she wanted to. For me however, I don’t remember to take the pill let alone my temperature everyday. I also didn’t seek the correct professional advise though and tried to do it from online teaching (okay its looking like it’s a good method that i just did badly at now). However, 3-6 months to get it right is a big commitment that I was too busy for and I can imagine many would be.

If you think you could do better at this than me and it interests you, click here for more information.

The Injection


 One quick jab covers you for 8 weeks to 3 months depending on the injection. This one is not affected by other medications. Immediately effective if you have it within the first 5 days of your cycle.


It has been reported to have a delay returning to fertility, the NHS says it can take up to one year. You must have your next injection before the previous one runs out or it becomes ineffective. Imperfect use reduces effectiveness from 99% to 94%. Again your periods are unpredictable and could get heavier, lighter, more painful or non-existent. Side effects include weight gain and decreased sex drive (double whammy contraceptive).

My experience

I had this immediately after birth which just gets it out of the way and is one less thing to think about for 3 months after having a baby, it’s also safe with breastfeeding. I only had the one injection though. Once I read up on the delay in return to fertility I decided against this contraceptive.

For more information on the injection such as if it is safe for you, click here.

The Copper Coil


TEN YEARS. TEN YEARS. TEN YEARS. You do not have to think about contraception for a DECADE. More than 99% effective. It can be inserted at any time during your cycle and works straight away. When removed you return to normal levels of fertility quickly. *EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTIVE* –  not many people realise this can be used as an emergency contraceptive up to 5 days after intercourse (so if you’ve missed the time slot for a morning after pill, this bad boy is here to save you AND sort you out for years to come as clearly you’re not organised enough for the others listed above). You can get it removed whenever you feel like having a baby, it doesn’t have to be in there 10 years. It is not effected by other medicines. No additional hormones, your feelings will be your hormones alone, no adding to the mix!


Insertion can be painful. It can cause ectopic pregnancy (however as you’re unlikely to get pregnant the risk of this is lower than if you’re not on any contraception). There’s a small chance your body could expel the IUD. 

My experience

CLEARLY MY FAVE. I posted on my Instagram story asking about this before getting it (it’s my current contraceptive fyi..tmi?) and I got mixed reviews, from love to hate, peace to horror. Truth is, I had been eyeing this up a while as non of the other contraceptives worked for me but I was scared of the pain and the horror stories and the invasiveness. Then I needed an emergency contraceptive, was out of the morning after pill window and thought RIGHT THEN, nothing like not having a choice! I took some Co-Codamol before hand (please discuss pain relief with your doctor, nurse or pharmacist and don’t just copy me without medical advise), and the most painful part was that device they use to open you up, the same they use if you’ve ever had a smear. I didn’t feel them actually place the coil in position and wouldn’t not complain about the experience at all. I’m not a couple of months in to coil life and have zero negatives to report.

For more details on whether this would suit you, click here.

If non of the above sound suited to you there are other methods that I haven’t tried such as diaphragm or capfemale condomsthe hormonal coilthe vaginal ringfemale sterilisation and vasectomy.

Please remember non of the above protect from STI’s or STD’s and so to always use a condom. It is advised that you have a sexual health check up before a new partner and every year with a long term partner, you can find your local sexual health clinic here.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps!xox

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