Who am I

I am Kaytee Jones, 26 year old student nurse and first time mother to a very sick baby. Currently on maternity leave.

I originally set up this blog a few years ago to write about my love for travel, pole fitness and nursing but I never logged in again after creating the account. Then on August 19th 2017 my precious baby boy was born. We spent most of his first 3 months in hospital and as I documented bits and pieces on social media, interest in Jaxons story led me back here to share our journey with you.

I am not a writer but sharing on this platform is a new form of therapy for me. I hope that in the process I can empower, inspire and strengthen at least one person.

For 2018 I am focusing on LIVING and therefore I plan to share as much positive as possible whilst continuing to keep you updated on Jaxons journey, no matter how heavy the rain pours.

I hope this resides with you in some way, whether it be appreciating your blessings or feeling less alone in the storm.

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Wishing you a happy new year.

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3 thoughts on “Who am I

  1. Beth Fisher

    My son was born with brain damage after q complicate pregnancy I’m all up for sharing experiences and difficulties with like minded people x


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